Languages in a picture: Winners coming soon!

On 26th September, we started our multilingual photo contest to celebrate the European day of languages and offer all the winners an opportunity to boost their language-learning journey. Today, we are officially announcing the end of our photo competition!

Our team of linguists at Eurac Research was curious to know about your personal idea of multilingualism: does it involve the knowledge of what is commonly known as a language, or does it include regional dialects or other forms of communication, such as regional dialects, computer languages, Braille, sign language, body language, fictional languages, secret languages, gestures, slang, you name it?

Even though we have closed the competition, we are always glad to hear about your perspectives! If you want to share some curious facts or a personal experience related to multilingualism, please drop us a line! For our competition, we encouraged you to tell us about your language-life through a picture, but who knows what’s coming next – maybe a video contest or a poetry contest?

The closing of the competition is also a moment for saying DANKE, GRAZIE, and THANK YOU to our expert team at Eurac Research, to and to anyone else who helped our initiative!

We are currently reviewing the submitted pictures and will publish the lucky winners of Babbel subscriptions on this blog – so stay tuned!