What does multilingualism mean? Which languages are spoken in South Tyrol? Why do we have so many languages in South Tyrol? How do things “work” in the everyday school life in Italy’s northernmost province?

On the 19th European Day of Languages (September 2020), the research group of the SMS 2.0 project contributed to the compilation of a dossier on multilingualism in South Tyrol. More than one year later, this e-learning course has been created. It is divided into 8 short learning units plus a final quiz and is directed not only at pupils and teachers in secondary and high schools, but also at anyone who wants to learn more on language diversity.

The course is intended as an easy-to-follow interactive tool to learn more about linguistic diversity in South Tyrol.

The course is available in German and in Italian.

Corso e-learning “Plurilinguismo”

Kurs e-learning “Mehrsprachigkeit”