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Project report 2012 – 2018

From 2012 until 2018, we at Eurac research carried out a special project in collaboration with the German, Italian and Ladin Bildungsressorts (education boards). That project was one School, many languages (SMS)!

Over these 7 years we have gathered ideas, collected data, discussed concepts and created didactic materials. We have run teacher-training sessions and workshops for school students, and provided advice and monitoring for schools.

Behind each and every one of these activities was our core scientifically-proven principle: linguistic diversity is a valuable resource, and should therefore be supported and developed!

The project report provides a brief insight into the research project and gives an overview of the didactic materials and educational activities that we have created. We hope to inspire new ideas and spread our enthusiasm for the many languages in our schools. Please take a look!

-SMS project team