5 December 2023. Round table on plurilingualism in schools.

Challenges and opportunities of introducing plurilingual approaches in multilingual contexts where old and new forms of multilingualism coexist.


How do old and new multilingualism coexist in the classroom? What are the challenges that the South Tyrolean education world faces in valuing all the
languages present in the territory, be they German or Urdu? What can research do to support their inclusion in everyday teaching practice? And what can
teaching staff do? etc. … These are just some of the questions that will be discussed during the round table hosted at Eurac Research.

The Round Table is organised within the framework of the final event of the project „A lezione con più lingue/ A scora cun de plü lingac/ Sprachenvielfalt
macht Schule“ (SMS 2.0). The event will be in presence only and takes place on Tuesday, 5 December from 16:30 to 17:30 at Eurac Research.

Moderated by Andrea Abel, director of the Institute for Applied Linguistics of Eurac Research

A conversation with:

  • Paola Cason. Lehrerin, Mittelschule A. Egger Lienz (Bozen).
  • Flavia Lardschneider. Coordinadëssa, Zënter de competënza Inclujiun y Consulënza ladina.
  • Raffaella Lauria. Dirigente scolastica, Istituto Pluricomprensivo Vipiteno Alta Val D’Isarco.
  • Inge Niederfriniger. Leiterin, Referat Migration – Sprachenzentren, Deutsche Bildungsdirektion.
  • Lorella Saccoman. Insegnante e fiduciaria, Scuola Primaria A. Langer (Bolzano).
  • Ruth Videsott. Docente, Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione – Freie Universität Bozen/Libera Università di Bolzano.

Participation is free of charge and no registration is needed.

The event will be in German and in Italian without simultaneous translation.

More info here

You’re all welcome to join!