July 2023. SMS 2.0 goes to AILA 2023!

SMS 2.0 researchers hosting a symposium on multilingual education and social cohesion at AILA 2023 in Lyon!

How can linguistic diversity in increasingly super-diverse societies be fostered, leveraged and given value to in class? How can a change of perspective regarding multilingual education and multilingual identities challenge prevailing language ideologies? And how can a change of perspective turn teachers, learners and researchers into agents of social cohesion in today’s societies? The team of SMS 2.0 is addressing these questions at the  2023 conference of the International Association of Applied Linguistics that is taking place in Lyon from 17th to 21st July. This year’s conference theme is ‚Diversity and social cohesion in a globalized world: moving towards more engaged language studies‘.

Within the spirit of the conference, SMS team members Marta Guarda and Maria Stopfner are hosting Symposium 24 titled “Changing perspectives towards multilingual education: teachers, learners and researchers as agents of social cohesion”. With 29 confirmed presentations from 56 scholars from 15 countries all over the world, the symposium aims to stimulate an exchange on inclusive multilingual teaching and learning in increasingly super-diverse societies.